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All machines accept $1 and $2 coins (except animal rug machine $1 coins).

Cheap Tuesday             (2 Baskets)             $5

Double wash machine   (2 Baskets)             $8

Triple wash machine     (3 Baskets)             $10

Quad wash machine      (4 Baskets)            $15

Express Dryers              (3 Baskets)            $1

                                   6 minutes

Animal rug machine                                  $5

Family load                                              $12

washed and dried  (Two Baskets) in about 50 minutes

Drying time depends upon density of garments.  Use double wash machines

Large loads                                              $10

can be washed such as donnas, bedspreads, blankets and covers. You can also wash pillows, cushions, sleeping bags, car seat covers, overalls, rugs and of course all of your other clothes. Use the triple wash machines

Commercial Clients                  Discounts apply

Please phone for a quote on your business needs, if you would like to self service and save (invoice provided). Super discounts available.

With a cabability of washing and drying up to 20 baskets in an hour, turnaround it is quick and cheap. 

Dry 3 baskets in 24 minutes approx $4.

Wash dog, cat and horse rugs takes 26 minutes

Totally self service, so you S A V E


We are a family business and proud of our little self service laundry.


We are able to keep our prices low as our customers do all the work.

"Put clothes in the washer, insert coins and press start."

Not really that much work anyway.


That's why our prices are low. Thank you to our loyal customers.`

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