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Caring for our enviroment 


Dexter Commercial Laundry machines use the latest technology to ensure your washing is completed hygienically and efficiently.


This also ensures energy and water consumption is environmentaly responsible.


  • It is estimated a front loading machine uses 40% to 75% less water.

  • Front loaders use 30% to 85% less energy than a top loading machine.

  • As there is no central agitator as in a front loading machine, front loaders are better suited to wash large items such as blankets and sleeping bags.

  • Dexter front loading machines spin at 100 G. Thats 100 times the force of gravity resulting in clothes requiring less time in the dryer.

  • There is less wear and tear on clothes because there is no central agitator.

  • Try and run a full load whenever possible. A washing machines uses pretty much the same amount of energy and water regardless of the size of the load.

  • A full load is when clothes fill the front glass area.

  • Most people only load the machine to half capacity, as long as the clothes are tumbling they are washing.


Additionally our shop lights are on a timers and senses and only come on when needed.

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